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Classes Taught:
2016 - General Science
2017 - General Science
2018 - General Science
2019 - Science in the Atomic Age (General Science)

I have been teaching General Science at CIM since 2009 and have loved challenging 7th graders to achieve great things as they enter the next level of their education. It has been a challenge for myself, which I enjoy every week! My husband, Darin, and I, have six kids that we have homeschooled since 1999, ranging in ages from 24 to 10. We think homeschooling is one of the best decisions we ever made!

My wife, Becca, teaches General Science at CIM and since I cannot be there to be a part of classes, I took on designing and building the CIM website several years ago. Each year we add bits to it to make it a little better. We have six children that we have homeschooled from the beginning and would not want it any other way. It has certainly been a blessing to our family.

I have been a part of CIM since 2012 as a grader and co-lab teacher in General Science. I’m a homeschool mom of three. Two of my kids have recently completed all their upper science courses through CIM and the 3rd child is about to begin the upper level science courses this next year.

Classes Taught:
2016 - Science in the Beginning
2017 - Science in the Ancient World by Jay Wile
2018 - Science in the Beginning
2019 - Science in the Ancient World
2020 - Science in the Beginning

I LOVE teaching at CIM! After being away from the work world for many years, CIM provides me an opportunity to teach a fun subject with the added blessing of being able to talk about God. I've spent time teaching in public school, Mom's Day Out/Preschool and homeschooling. I live in The Colony with my husband, a retired firefighter/paramedic, who works for Medical City Richardson. Our oldest, Nick, went through CIM and is now pursuing his certification in cyber security. Our youngest, Ben is still in CIM and will be entering high school next year. We have a dog, Zoe, who thinks she is the boss. We attend Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Flower Mound where I am the Children's Programs Director.

Classes Taught:
2018 - Physics
2019 - Physics
2020 - Physics

Read King has been teaching Physics at CIM Science since 2018. Read has a B.S. in Physics from Texas A&M. He has been married to his wife, Laura, for 27 years, and is a father of six.

Classes Taught:
2016 - Advanced Biology
2017 - Advanced Biology
2018 - Advanced Biology
2018 - Biology
2019 - Science in the Light of Creation
2019 - Advanced Biology
2020 - Science Elective: Science in the Light of Creation
2020 - Advanced Biology
2020 - Biology

I graduated with an education degree from Texas Tech and taught for a few years in public schools. I have been involved in home schooling since 1985. In 2007 I became involved with CIM Science as the General Science teacher and the following year became the director. I started teaching the biology class in 2009 and a year or two later began teaching both biology classes. I have always loved biology and love teaching about creation and creation science. My husband, Chuck, and I, have 12 children, all of whom were homeschooled.

Classes Taught:
2016 - Physical Science
2017 - Physical Science
2018 - Physical Science
2019 - Physical Science
2020 - General Science
2020 - Physical Science

Jeff Sears is a homeschooling father of eight children (soon to be nine) along with his wife of 17 years Suanna. Both Jeff and Suanna were homeschooled and met at Pensacola Christian college which is the home of popular homeschool curriculum A Beka. you could say that homeschooling runs deep in the Sears family. By day, Jeff is a Texas licensed civil engineer and he works for a local civil engineering firm. Jeff’s mom was instrumental in developing his heart and passion for science by teaching him about science as a kid, along with many conversations about truth and the problems with evolution. Jeff has been teaching at CIM Science since fall of 2007 and took over as Director in the fall of 2019. His goal with CIM Science is to inspire the students to see the wonder and brilliance of God's designs in creation and encourage them to pursue a love for the truth for their whole lives.

Classes Taught:
2020 - Chemistry

Janie Stewart has been homeschooling her own children for over 25 years, and has been teaching Apologia Chemistry and Physics to the homeschool community for over 15 years. Her teaching approach is very hands-on with students working problems in class under her guidance. Janie wants the students to understand the material and not just "get a grade." Many of her students have taken college sciences and have commented on how well her class has prepared them!

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