Jeff Sears

Jeff Sears is a homeschooling father of eight children (soon to be nine) along with his wife of 17 years Suanna. Both Jeff and Suanna were homeschooled and met at Pensacola Christian college which is the home of popular homeschool curriculum A Beka. you could say that homeschooling runs deep in the Sears family. By day, Jeff is a Texas licensed civil engineer and he works for a local civil engineering firm. Jeff’s mom was instrumental in developing his heart and passion for science by teaching him about science as a kid, along with many conversations about truth and the problems with evolution. Jeff has been teaching at CIM Science since fall of 2007 and took over as Director in the fall of 2019. His goal with CIM Science is to inspire the students to see the wonder and brilliance of God's designs in creation and encourage them to pursue a love for the truth for their whole lives.

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