Registration Info

We look forward to working with you and your student(s) as we explore God’s creation through science. Currently enrolled families have placement priority and then we begin to place new families on a first come, first served basis. Those teaching or assisting will have priority. If for some reason your family is not placed, your registration fee will be returned. Other than that this registration fee is non-refundable and will not be refunded even if you pull your students out before classes begin.

The calendar for the 2022-2023 school year:
Parent/Student Orientation is scheduled for August 11th.
The first day of class is August 18th.
Fall Semester: August 18th - December 8th
Spring Semester: January 12th - May 11th
Special Dates:
November 24th - Thanksgiving Day, No Class
December 8th - End of Fall Semester
January 12th - Spring Semester Begins
March 13th - Spring Break
May 11th - End of Spring Semester


We use a combination of Berean Builders and Apologia Science texts. 

For the Apologia Science classes, all classes use second edition textbooks. In addition, we require parents to monitor their student while taking a test. Before borrowing or purchasing textbooks, please be sure you have the correct edition listed in the class description.

Please note the high school level classes are designed to be challenging. If your student is lacking the required math skills, please do not sign him/her up for the class.


New Life First Baptist Church of Krum has graciously extended a warm welcome to us for CIM classes. We want to show our gratitude by honoring all the necessary requirements of using their facilities. They are, by State Law, required to have some safety measures in place. Each teacher, assistant, and parent helper is required to have a background check and to complete the Ministry Safe Training Course. The course is online and is provided by us once the background check is completed. Because we care about the safety of our kids, if you do not complete the background check and Ministry Safe Training, you will not have access to the building during class time hours.

We are a true co-op! We rely on each other to get our kids through science. If we run out of volunteer slots for each class, we will automatically place you on a rotation to check-in to see if we need help in any of the classes.

Dress Code

We require that appropriate, modest, as well as safe clothing be worn for Science classes. This means no short shorts (i.e. athletic, cutoffs, etc.), jeans with holes, saggy jeans baring undergarments, pajama bottoms, midriff tops baring bellies, or plunging necklines. Any of these items will be considered an infraction of our guidelines and the student will not be allowed to attend class.


Due to space, we have limited each class to a certain number noted beside the class title. Current CIM families have registration priority and then we open for new student enrollment.

Current CIM families may register beginning March 1st.

New CIM families may begin registering for classes beginning April 1st.

We are non-profit. Lab and registration fees cover supplies for labs, teachers’ books, and building costs.

Please help us continue to grow our science program with CIM—Creationists in the Making!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Registration is Open (3/1/2022) for current/returning families only